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Nikko Style Nagoya

“Nikko Style Nagoya” is the first of the “Nikko Style” hotels, a new brand by Okura Nikko Hotels. With the focus on the local culture and cuisine, guests and the local community will gather and connect through the music, art, and food.
By making the guest rooms a spacious 30㎡ square with an open design, we created a space for relaxing and recharging. Traditional art and culture from the Nagoya area such as the Arimatsu Shibori (a traditional dyeing technique), fill the space in the building, giving it a traditional Japanese feel.
The Restaurant, “style kitchen,” abundantly uses carefully selected local ingredients, providing a wonderful experience only possible by “deeply connecting with the land.” The café, collaborating with “TRUNK COFFEE,” a Nagoya native and coffee lover approved café, adds to the atmosphere for good conversations.
One of the hotel’s symbolic elements, the “Communal Lobby,” stimulates and frees guests’ hearts through events and workshops with DJs active in the Nagoya area and all over Japan.

With the hotel’s original BGM, tapestries made with Arimatsu Shibori, a lobby brought to life by Nicolai Bergmann Flowers & Designs, we welcome our guests as “a hotel that proposes a new style of traveling.”

Nikko Style Nagoya
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