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Noborioji Hotel Nara

Set in the enchanting city of Nara that holds numerous historic treasures and a stunning deer park, Noborioji Hotel Nara is nestled at the foot of the temple of Kofuku-Ji. With a uniquely calming atmosphere, a gourmet restaurant, a fitness centre, the hotel is as charming as its historic surrounds.

Reflecting the beauty of the surrounding nature, one of the hotel’s most striking design elements is the masterful use of wood. Gleaming wood floors and panelled walls are skilfully crafted to create a sense of warmth and relaxation. Large windows flood the rooms and suites with light and look out onto an expanse of greenery.

Japan’s capital city in the 8th century, Nara has some of the country’s oldest and largest Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, many of which are World Heritage sites. Be sure to visit the Todai-ji and Horyu-ji temples.

Noborioji Hotel Nara
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