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The General Kyoto Takatsuji Fuyacho

Set across five Zen-inspired buildings, The General Kyoto Takatsuji Fuyacho is all about harmony. This artful boutique retreat blends seamlessly with the cityscape, inviting you to walk Kyoto's historical paths as you explore the hotel. Each of the five buildings has a different contemporary feel, yet their traditional Machiya structure brings a sense of unity and calmness.

As you step inside, the aesthetic attention to detail is immediate. Designed with tranquillity in mind, the calm palette and crisp lines in each suite invite you to relax – right away. Uncover clarity of mind in the Zen meditation room, or take lessons in traditional cooking and crafts. Walk, run and cycle between the hotel buildings: these spaces are where mind and body can come together, away from the bustling crowds of Gion.

The unique layout of the hotel encourages exploration. Wind your way through the city’s traditional and modern architecture, soaking up the Kyoto way of life. From the famous Nishiki Market, to Gion's magnificent temples, to the understated 'ochaya' teahouses – this is Japan in its element. Relish local cuisine, explore the arts, crafts and philosophy, and be swept up in one of many festivals in Kyoto's calendar. It all happens on the doorstep of The General Kyoto Takatsuji Fuyacho.

The General Kyoto Takatsuji Fuyacho
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