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Hakone Retreat villa 1/f [one-by-f]

Hakone, Kanagawa


    To move off the beaten path in Japan is to discover a country of supreme beauty. To move into the world of Hakone Retreat före & villa 1/f, in Fuji-hakone-izu National Park two hours southwest of Tokyo, is to experience the country as an emperor might.

    Set in a deep-green forest, Hakone Retreat uses simple modern architecture and large windows to draw one’s attention to the surrounding natural splendor. While före offers a resort experience, villa 1/f presents an entirely different hospitality concept within the same area, featuring 11 standalone spacious cottages, each with a hot spring bath and inviting wood stoves. Indeed, each villa is made from local trees and coexists perfectly with the surrounding forest.

    Complementing one’s full immersion into a sensual environment, the hotel’s Woodside restaurant features masterpieces by Chef Inoue of the famed “L’ecrin Ginza” in Tokyo.

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