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Satoyama Jujo

Minamiuonuma, Niigata


    Satoyama Jujo not only borrows the Japanese terms for “mountain village” and “10 stories” for its name, but the 12-room hotel also conceptually tells its own stories throughout the 150-year-old house and modern extension that it calls home. For example, the story of organic growth and harvest is told through the farm-to-table process that the hotel’s Sanaburi restaurant employs to serve up cuisine inspired by the Minami-Uonuma region, while the story of art is present in the hotel’s mountainous village-like location, believed to be perfect for unlocking one’s inner creativity. The communal areas—such as the lounges, bars, and meeting space, as well as the multidisciplinary events that take place at the hotel—all tell a story of social gathering and togetherness. The hotel’s wood structure was designed to withstand the area’s intense snowy seasons, exemplifying the region’s architectural heritage. And with a hot spring spa and a chef that has a three-Michelin-star restaurant on his résumé, the hotel offers an indulgent respite just two hours from Tokyo amid a landscape characterized by rice paddies, mountains, and forests.

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